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Malaysia AWSome Day @ Cyberjaya

I have been using AWS for years, mainly on EC2 and S3. I am so glad when first heard that AWS is coming to KL Malaysia for the very first time. They also picked a great vanue, Cyberjaya, which is where my office located. So, back to the uni time huhh… I was expecting some onspot lab hands on but it’s more like a general introduction. The lab part will be done online later at my own comfort. 20131017_121115 Got some sticker as door gift: 20131018_234708 I will share more about the online lab when I got my login info.

Introduction to Corona SDK

I have been developing mobile apps using many different tools like phonegap, html5 (mobile web), objective-c and android SDK (native code). Each of them have own pro & cons and I choose accordingly to the nature of the project. However, I still wish for a perfect tool where I can write once and automatically have it compile to multiple platform without scarifying performance, development cost and speed, etc. Corona SDK is very close to what I asking for. It allows you to write once and compile to multiple platforms (IOS, Android, Kindle…) and is best for casual 2D gaming and informative type of application. Simple & Faster It used LUA scripting language, which have low learning curve. For example, to display an image in Android: On the other hands, for Corona is as simple as 1 line code: Now, the cons part of Corona SDK:
  • Need to wait for Corona for new features
  • Need to wait for Corona for new platform (very very slow, after 4 years window phone is release and there are still no support for it)
  • Free version can’t integrate with native code
  • Some advance features required plugins
  • Some of the premium features like analytics are not available on Free version
For business App: Like many others cross platform development tool, Corona SDK too lack of advance UI form component such as calendar selector, color picker and etc. You can however implement these on your own. IOS vs Android Overall, as majority mobile users is either in the IOS or Android camp, Corona is working fine. Bear in mind, you still need a mac to compile the same code to ipa file for ios release; and jdk must be installed to compile to apk for android release. As corona was initially developed to target IOS where screen size is fixed, then only added android support, it used a mechanism called screen scaling to tackler different screen size resolution and ratio issue. You can either choose to have a padding (like TV), or zoom evenly (with risk that some content might get cropped), or stretch to screen (where your app could run off ratio). The Simulator The corona simulator is fast and responsive, allowing rapid prototyping and trial-n-error oriented development; with a weak point such as webview are not supported. You will need a real device to test this function. As Hybrid App Yes, when I mentioned webview, you probably looking forward to embed HTML into corona app to make use of the best of both world. Good news is, Corona do allow HTML and its resources (Javascript, css, images…) to be embedded as in app resource; or, loading an online URL. So, why wait now? start try it out at Lots of tutorial and comprehensive documentation can be found there. I will write more about Corona tutorial in near future too.