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Ordering Beagleboard from Element14 Singapore

Tried to order Beagleboard from element14 and I never expect the process can be as tedious as this. Untitled So, this is my replied to them:
Wah damn mafan… come on, it’s just a beagleboard, i not ordering uranium! I will never recommend my frens, clients and students buy this item from Element14 Sg anymore.
1. Yes, you may ship to either address.
2. Fuck singapore custom. ask them get from Malaysia SSM.
3. Everything is on wikipedia and google.
  I give up on this order due to stupid people who tried to stop the earth from rotating.

Installing processing on Ubuntu Desktop

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 To run Processing, you need to have JAVA. By default, ubuntu do not come with JAVA pre-installed due to licensing issue (DAMN! These biz ppl is blocking the earth turning again). There are 2 type of java runtime you can install, one from openJDK and another one from Oracle. Processing2 at this time of writing only work with the later one. Follow this tutorial on how to install Oracle Java to your ubuntu machine. The process can take up to 3 hours if you have a slow Internet line. After successfully installed, you may proceed to download processing. I like to place my processing under /opt.  

Spherical projection mapping

I was at Sasana Kijang KL gallery and they have some really cool installation. One of them which stand up among others is this spherical projection installation. 91e89d0d9d23cab6f8df197a315f8210 Different from most projection mapping i have seen, which project from outer to the object, this one project inner inside a spherical object. Even more amazing, it required only 1 projector and the entire sphere is filled with graphics without gap. 2552ebfbceb57b9d7e5d4333591c7184 A quick Google search shows that it is done by a UK company called Pufferfish. You can see BNM logo is appear in their client list. Pufferfish Clients   Pufferfish I have no idea how they do it. I think it is a propriety technology.