Android default browser sucks

I am using the Samsung Galaxy s3 v4.1.2 and it used default android stock browser, and for the embedded webview component as well. One major issue i notice is when running javascript, weird things happen. For example, on form submit, i wanto prevent user from double clicking the submission button. Usually, a simple jquery javascript did the job and works well on desktop browser, including the mobile chrome browser, but not in the stock browser. The stock browser just failed to hide the form and show the loading div block, Button are disabled sometime and sometime not. But when I clicked back button, the loading div is displayed. So it seems like when form is submitted, the browser just stop all javascript processing. The best way to ensure submit button is disabled is actually to hide it by coding it in the html (old school method) rather in jquery. However, the previous way works well on a nexus device which used chrome as default browser. It works on ios devices too.