Getting started with Cordova

Formerly known as phonegap, cordova helps you build hybrid type of mobile app fast and easy across all platform. If you are accessing from, then the documentation there will ask you to do the following installation which is deprecated at the moment: You should enter from and follow the instruction there. Basically, you need to have npm first. I assume you are just like me, using windows and focusing on android app development. Basically, cordova will ask you to  follow either the cross-plaform or platform-specific method. I will just use cross-platform as it’s the point of picking up cordova iin firstplace. At the time of writing, cordova is at version 3.5.0. The documentation is available here. After you have installed the cordova CLI and created your first app, …you will wanto try to add a platform to it: Then, you realize there is an error. Basically, it is bcs your android SDK path is not register on windows environment. You may follow this stackoverflow article solution. If you dunno what I am talking about at this point, most probably you haven’t get your android SDK installed too. Basically, you need to have these setup first:
  1. Download and install Eclipse Classic
  2. Download and install Android SDK
  3. Download and install ADT Plugin
Finally, when you have got everything ready, to build the app, you call: and to send it to your phone thru usb cable: You should beable to see the default page with cordova logo now. Congratulation, you have got your very first cordova app built and running!