Unboxing intel nuc

Needed a SFF to test out installation projects & home server.¬†Got my Intel NUC D54250WYKH from mika@lowyat. Only after visited his company website than i realized I have been there like 10 years ago while studying Game Design in MMU: He is one of the earliest Game Developer in Malaysia! image Added 8MB Ram, wireless pcie, 128GB SSD mSata & cable! at RM1770. This model can install additional 2.5″ HDD but i not going to do that for this moment, just in case in future. image Next, I going to install ubuntu desktop onto this machine by following this tutorial. Important: Your ubuntu might failed to run after installation. You will need to update the bios first. Pls note that this machine only have mini-HDMI port (type c). Most cable you have are type A so you might wanto get a converter for it. I will try running processing on it and will keep you guys update on the benchmark.