Angularjs with Baasbox

Ionic framework for mobile app development use angularJs at its core while baasBox is an open source backend-as-a-services platform (pretty much like except it allow you to self hosted). I encounter problem when using both together. baasBox provide a javascript framework but it required jquery as dependency. Problem is… when I using baasbox ajax function, its callback fail to access angularJs $scope directly, hence i failed to assign variable to my html. for example, this would fail: Then, I did a little experiment trying to grab baasBox API in raw and prove to be successful: This means I can write an angular javascript sdk for baasBox. That would be a prefect solution but I am running out of time. Then, I think of the possibility to make use of $scope.$apply. This allow me to use back the baasBox jquery base js sdk with angularJs in a straight forward manner. Bingo! It works like a charm now.