Screen base output for Arduino

Arduino itself can be fun enough, but most installation required either screen base output while utilizing the wide range of sensor input. However, arduino itself was not design for screen base project. It works together with processing and required a external machine for this. Then, raspberry pi came out. As a mini computer, it is many time more powerful than arduino, and have a HDMI port output. Maker can code in Python and still connect to the wide range of sensor input. Other than rPi, we also have beagleboard and etc. And now Arduino is working hard to come out Arduino Tre, which can directly compete with rpi. Lets not forgot the pcDuino which was design to solve these issues. However, being a ARM base devices (same with rpi, beagleboard and etc)… we have an issues here with running processing on it directly. Processing required JAVA and it has to be oracle JAVA. Maker have tried to hack around using open-JDK and have various degree of success: Still, processing only supporting java 7. There is a thread in processing forum: processing on single board computer but it is not getting active reply at the time of writing. So in a production environment and if I insist to use processing, I can’t risk myself using an ARM-base machine. Most installation need to run 24/7. The safest way, still, is to use a SFF rig connecting arduino to talk with the sensors. Unless, I give up on processing and start writing native code like python and etc. I am getting a few pieces of gadget (rasPi B, beaglebone black, pcduino, intel nuc+arduino nano) and will experiment with them. Will post report up here then.